Orchestration Drives Automation

Compliant collections demand rigorous adherence to external and internal processes. From internal compliance procedures to venue-specific filing laws, Lawgix captures your process and automates steps historically done by manual effort. By orchestrating the many handoffs, approvals, and reviews, Lawgix vastly accelerates the pre- and post-placement processes.


At the heart of Lawgix is a modern, sophisticated automation engine.  Beyond simple workflows, Lawgix captures and enforces the many nuances of your internal processes as well as federal, state, and local laws.  With 100s of built-in automations, Lawgix gets you moving – and keeps you moving – faster than any other solution.

Secure Collaboration

The many internal and external hand-offs and approvals required to file compliant collections creates a daunting challenge.  Lawgix allows customers to define approvals, reviews, and hand-offs to easily move files from pre-placement through settlement.  Lawgix lets everyone work efficiently and stay on the same page.

Code Driven Compliance

The variance between states, localities, and even venues where cases are filed present a huge cost to manage and risk to collection.  Lawgix captures and enforces all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and procedures to ensure compliant collections.  Lawgix lets you collect with confidence.

Meaningful Attorney Involvement

Meaningful attorney involvement is the best defense to compliance issues.  Lawgix allows attorneys to spend their valuable time on the critical points of the collections litigation process and avoid the distractions that take away from careful consideration of a matter.  And, it is all easily and readily audited.

Additional Benefits

Developed on the most modern technology, Lawgix is easily implemented and customized by employees with general technical skills. Avoid the high costs of finding, hiring, and retaining specialized support staff.
Lawgix adheres to the most rigorous industry security standards and maintains the highest certifications. Rest easy that your and your customer’s data is always protected.
Lawgix embraces sharing data with other transactional applications and systems of record using leading API technology. Lawgix will never hold your data hostage to large migration or integration fees.