Consolidation Yields Collaboration

Compliant legal collections begins with data. Assembling all the required bills, history, scrubs, and scores is cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive. Lawgix's collections litigation platform enables all parties to collect and collaborate on all required data securely, accelerating placements.

Data Integration

Loading, protecting, and accessing consumer data quickly and efficiently is essential for legal collections.  Lawgix allows for bulk loading, automated redaction, and secure storage of all consumer data.  Additionally, Lawgix’s security model ensures that only those users and third parties with authorization ever see relevant consumer data.


Lawgix automates scrubbing, addressing both one-time scrubs as well as repeating scrubs required for compliance.  With pre-defined hooks into existing vendor solutions and a modern integration strategy, Lawgix can easily tap into your current data vendors as well as provide easy access to new vendors.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Internal rules and procedures demanded by compliance can be codified and enforced in Lawgix.  Eliminating the need to refer to manuals or flow diagrams for approvals, Lawgix accelerates pre- and post-placement activities through automation of your processes.


Lawgix archives all past activity and makes it readily available for analysis.  Easily mine past account activity to inform today and tomorrow’s decisions to drive faster collections.

Additional Benefits

Developed on the most modern technology, Lawgix is easily implemented and customized by employees with general technical skills. Avoid the high costs of finding, hiring, and retaining specialized support staff.
Lawgix adheres to the most rigorous industry security standards and maintains the highest certifications. Rest easy that your and your customer’s data is always protected.
Lawgix embraces sharing data with other transactional applications and systems of record using leading API technology. Lawgix will never hold your data hostage to large migration or integration fees.