Attorney Meaningful Involvement

A platform for making compliance easier.


The burdens of compliance are crushing creditors and their vendors, leaving many organizations paralyzed by uncertainty and unrelenting risk.

The Solution

At some point, the same old tools just don’t do the job. For our industry, the solutions to these problems require a new vision for the future — new technology and new processes to fundamentally counter-balance the power of regulators and put control back into the hands of responsible, compliant creditors.

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    Know who reviewed a document, when the document was reviewed, and the amount of time spent reviewing the document.

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    Attack compliance costs with intelligently designed systems that audit themselves.

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    Cut the expenses and delay of manual tasks with automated intelligence.

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    Redeploy labor to meaningful processes that actually matter.

If your organization manages legal collection processes with agencies and law firms and you are concerned about the effect of changing requirements for attorney meaningful involvement, please contact us to discuss how our technology and services can help you eliminate risk, improve compliance, and save money.

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