The first platform to manage legal collections from beginning to end.

Empowering legal and compliance professionals to get real-time answers in a cost effective manner.

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Collection Litigation eXchange

Lawgix offers technology and services to manage the entire collection litigation process; from decisioning to placement, and from suit to post judgment

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Attorney Meaningful Involvement

Lawgix provides unparalleled litigation support, high-quality appearance attorneys, and court appearance management technology to the collections industry.

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Appearance Counsel

Lawgix’s collaborative platform allows a business line user, the law division, and outside counsel to work together in real time.

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We’re a technology company

We develop technologies that improve our workflows and efficiencies, enhance our clients’ processes, and enable unprecedented data collection and analytics. Our web platform and patent-pending mobile app give attorneys, clients, and creditors unprecedented access to information and control over the litigation process.


Scale legal models with centralized compliance, quality assurance, and real-time vendor collaboration.

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Legal Managed Services

Unlike our competitors, Lawgix Lawyers, LLC is a law firm that employs each attorney who appears on behalf of our clients. We train, insure, support, and audit our entire team to ensure the highest in quality and compliance.

Our unique combination of technology, quality, and compliance allow us to deliver a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.

Why Lawgix?

An integrated solution to manage legal collections
from beginning to end.

A 360 degree view of a consumer in collections

Be able to know if a consumer in collections has multiple products with your financial institution

Code Driven Compliance

Highly scalable compliance software that results in lower legal exposure and customer complaints.

Technology and services to manage the entire collection litigation process

A platform to make financial institutions more compliant, efficient, and revenue producing.

End to End Visibility

One platform to integrate with existing banking systems and streamline the entire collections process.

A new vision for collection litigation that empowers creditors and their internal legal divisions to provide oversight and collaboration among internal collectors and external law firms.

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